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NO! We are not just another beauty brand!

Now imagine the sensation where you crave an ice-cream or chocolate bar or even an exquisite French macaron for weeks and finally getting it, that tingling sensation is something that we replicate in our products. We believe, the flavour & aroma of gourmet are not only for your tongue. The goodness hiding behind it can be the very thing your skin needs!

Because of this, we aspired to be different and realization of it will be coming to you!


We are the one and only confectionery-based beauty brand in South East Asia!

Established in June 2016, Lolavely Cosmetics is a beauty brand producing range of confectionery-based beauty and skin care products, wholly owned by The Qelembaq Apparel.

Aimed to be a pioneer in this niche market with our unique products, we strive to ensure highest quality possible for range of our products as well as using safe and natural raw materials, this fulfilling our promise, enabling our loyalist to be 

"Deliciously Pretty".